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2019-2020 Commitments

KCI Music is excited to resume a full year of ensemble offerings for the upcoming school year. We celebrate the accomplishments of all those involved in The Hunchback of Notre Dame this past May 2019. We encourage as many students as possible to gain valuable performing experience by joining our bands and choirs. These ensembles are a wonderful training ground for music reading and performing experience. Build your skill set and expand your musical resume by joining a KCI Music ensemble. 

As more information for the 2019-2020 season become available, the following links will continue to be updated.


2020 Commitments

This document lists each ensemble's performing dates that are anticipated at this time for the 2019 season. When students commit to a performing ensemble, they are expected to attend all performances and rehearsals. Notice will be provided if these commitments change throughout the season and as more details about each commitment are finalized. Students may be dismissed from an ensemble after 3 missed rehearsals.

Registering for a Music Ensemble:
  1. First, complete the online registration form by Thursday, February 27th. 

  2. Once registration is complete, we will get KCI Music up and running on the online payment system School-Day. At that time, you will be asked to submit a $15 Music Fee using School-Day. Consent for our off-site trips should be provided here as well. 

  3. Every student involved in an ensemble must also have purchased a Student Card through Student Activities.


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