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The KCI Music Department offers class instruction in three different areas: Instrumental; Vocal/Choral; and Guitar. Courses offer students the opportunity to explore intellectual and emotional development in a setting unique to the music classroom. Instrumental classes are available for both experienced players and those wishing to learn an instrument for the first time. Instrumental and vocal classes are offered in Grade 9 through Grade 12. Guitar courses are offered in Grade 10 through Grade 12.


Students who engage in musical studies develop:

  • vocal/instrument-specific skills and musical literacy

  • self-discipline, creativity, self-expression, and problem solving skills

  • integrated sensory, attentional, cognitive, emotional and motor capacities

  • strong learning connections with themselves, with others, and with their community


Learning through performance plays a large role in each music course at KCI. In addition to the practical skills associated with singing and playing an instrument, students will also develop their understanding of the language of music through exposure to theory, composition, history, and listening.


The music program at KCI will inspire your creativity, challenge your musicality, and help you build a network of friends and fellow musicians with whom you will form lasting memories. Consider developing your musical abilities and reigster for a music course today!


For students interested in pursuing post-secondary music studies, the following article, prepared by a former KCI Music student, will help you understand the audition process and important steps that you can take to prepare for a successful audition.


Preparing for University Auditions

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