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2021–2022 Update: Due to current public health measures, KCI Music leadership and ensembles are not running at this time. 


Music Council

Tuesday ~ 11:45 AM – 12:25 PM ~ Room 113

Ms. Spaulding, Mr. Surian | staff sponsors

The Music Council has the opportunity to brainstorm, plan, and implement the themes for OSSIA concerts. The Council provides leadership support to our ensembles and classes. Additionally, the Council meets once a week to plan additional events and to maintain the logistical success of the performing component of KCI Music's co-curricular program.




Wednesday ~ 2:45 – 3:45 PM ~ Room 110

Ms. Spaulding | director

A non-auditioned choir (formerly the Women's Choir) that welcomes soprano and alto voices to come together to prepare repertoire that develops the SSAA ensemble. When treble voices combine they dazzle their audiences with beauty, power, and stunning control. 


Low Key Choir

Wednesday ~ 2:45 – 3:45 PM ~ Room 113

Mr. Surian | director

A non-auditioned choir (formerly the Male Choir) that welcomes tenor and bass voices to come together to prepare repertoire that develops the TTBB ensemble. Featuring music that focuses on the low sonorities of the choral ensemble, this ensemble melts hearts, with their showcase of power and lyricism. 


Concert Choir

Wednesday ~ 3:45 – 4:30 PM ~ Room 110

Ms. Spaulding | director

A non-auditioned choir that welcomes voices of all ranges and abilities to come together to create beautiful SATB music. This rehearsal immediately follows the Treble and Low Key Choir rehearsals and is open to all students in both of those ensembles. With regular, weekly rehearsals, this ensemble will have a chance to even further develop the skills that are required for a dynamic SATB ensemble. 


Concert Band

Thursday ~ 2:45 – 4:00* PM ~ Room 110

Mr. Surian | director

The Concert Band is open to any band student with a minimum of one year playing experience. The ensemble is a mix of students from Gr. 9 to Gr. 12+ with over 85 students who rehearse every Thursday after school. The large size affords this ensemble the opportunity to present very dramatic music to our audiences. Their massive, controlled sound is always a highlight of the OSSIA concerts. 

Senior Wind Ensemble

Thursday ~ 4:00* – 4:45 PM ~ Room 110

Mr. Surian | director

The Senior Wind Ensemble is an extension of the Senior Band course. Players are exposed to advanced band repertoire and have the opportunity to challenge themselves musically and technically with music that showcases their talent and ties into their course studies. Senior Wind Ensemble members form the core of the Concert Band and are often involved in choral/band collaborations.

*Note: These rehearsal times are subject to change based on the particular needs of each ensemble. Advance warning will be given when early or later rehearsal times are required. 


In addition to the variety of extra-curricular ensembles, classes also form ensembles that have the opportunity to perform concerts throughout the year. At various times throughout the year there is also the possibility of offering new ensembles to meet the particular needs of available performers. 

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