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Music Council

As the administrative arm of the co-curricular music program, the Music Council offers students an opportunity to develop leadership skills and collaborative work practices. Successful candidates are selected through an application process and are required to be participating in at least one co-curricular performing ensemble. Preference is given to students who are also registered in a music course.


Music Council Handbook

Each year, the format and make-up of our Music Council strives to meet the needs of the program and those students interested in developing leadership skills. Applications are open to all students from Grade 9 to Grade 12+. If you are interested in applying, explore the Music Council Handbook to give you an idea of what students in the past have accomplished through this leadership opportunity.


Music Council Application: 2019

Click on the link above and submit your online application by Tuesday, September 17th to be considered for this year's Music Council. Successful applicants will be listed on the door of the Music Office on Thursday, September 19th and the first Music Council meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 24th over the lunch hour.